Getting Here

Location Address:
43A (Lot 3154) Pantai Hill Orchard Resort
Jalan Kampung Pantai
71770 Pantai Negeri Sembilan

GPS Coordinates:
Longitude: 2°48’13.2″N
Latitude: 102°00’55.5″E


From KL you have to get to Kampung Pantai Baru, which is at 12 km Seremban-Jelebu road. It will take you approximately 1 hour 10 minutes easy driving to your destination via Lekas Highway. The Lekas Highway has very light traffic at all times.

How to get to Kampung Pantai Baru?
From KL go South along the N-S Highway.
Get off at Kajang toll.
You will be on the Silk Highway.
Proceed straight. [Immediately after the Kajang toll – a road branches to the right to Putrajaya etc . Do NOT take this branch road. Keep straight on the road on the left.]
Short while later keep right and get into the lane heading towards Semenyih
Keep going straight through 2 tolls:

  • Toll Sungai Ramal
  • Toll Bukit Kajang

There are 2 exits then: 1805 & 1805B. DO NOT exit these.
Then you will see a signboard saying Lekas Highway exit 1804A.
Travel further and turn into this exit 1804A.
Then proceed straight through 3 more tolls:

  • Toll Kajang Selatan
  • Toll Setul
  • Toll Ampangan

Then see a signboard: Persimpangan Jelebu (exit 2106). Exit here.
You then arrive at a junction where the highway meets an ordinary road.
Turn left at the junction – there is a signpost saying ‘Jelebu’.
This is approximately 5 km from Pantai.
A few minutes’ drive and you will reach a little town/village with a few shops on both sides. This is Kampung Pantai.
On the left is a mosque. From there you can see a junction that goes to the right. A signboard at the junction on that side of the road says Kampong Pantai Baru.
You turn into this road.
Proceed straight : you will pass a Sekolah Kebangsaan Pantai (on your left) and later a Chinese school on your right. (Ignore a road going right to Kolam Ayer a little later.)
Proceed straight up the hill for 8 – 10 minutes. Keep going until you see a gate and inside the gate a sign saying Pantai Hill Orchard Resort.

You have reached your destination!